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Hi, my name is Emilia!

I started yoga in 2013 when I was living in Vancouver, Canada and I fell in love with the practice from the very first time. With time, I discovered that yoga can be a really good & grounding support for my personal development. 

It might sound cheesy, but honestly, through yoga I've learned to listen, to get deeper and understand myself better. And having this awareness works wonders in all areas of my life. 

My entrepreneurial background is quite interesting and diverse: starting from working in the outsourcing business and owning my own customer service Call center in Bucharest, to opening an Online store for yoga brands and eventually ending up exploring the yoga path deeper as a Co-Founder of Mpower Yoga... Now here I am, on my fourth amazing venture: Yoga & Beyond. 

In between these, I've also held other roles in different projects for start-ups and had a management role within a big corporation. I know that the unique combination of all of my experiences have made me who am I today. 

Practicing yoga for all these years and wanting to take it to the next level, eventually in winter of 2020, I did my first Yoga Teacher Training with Awakening Yoga Academy, a Seattle-based business owned by some of my favourite teachers: Patrick Beach & Carling Nicole. 

Now I am sharing the practice in my own authentic way through classes good for the body and mind. And I bring all of my entrepreneurial experiences & learnings to the table as well. 

I've created Yoga & Beyond because I want to share my inspiration with you through special experiences for yoga and well-being, on and off the mat. I want to bring people together with the purpose of elevating each other's life.

Join me in any of the events and I promise you'll have a blast. 

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