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Corporate yoga, partnerships & collaborations



Offering yoga classes to your employees will help make them feel more focused, productive, rested and happy. 


We offer personalised in-person* or virtual yoga classes that are fun, inspiring and energising so that your employees can benefit from all the amazing benefits yoga has on the body and mind. Classes can be focused on stretching out tired and tight muscles to induce calm and relaxation or can be more intense and focused on strengthening and toning the whole body. 


*In-person class packages available within EU and UAE upon request.


Take your team bonding from online to offsite! If you would like to organise a memorable experience for your employees or partners, we can help! 

We offer curated yoga retreat or event planning and concept to make your yoga team-building event come to life. From team yoga brunches to corporate international yoga retreats, we can help you organise the full experience or offer specific services that help create a special mindful experience within your own company's event.

Our approach to your team building event or escape offers a sustainable itinerary that include yoga, fun team bonding activities, local cuisine, and sightseeing at surrounding cultural hubs. 

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We partner with brands that align with the idea of a more sustainable way of living and consuming.

From social media campaigns to in-person event collabs, we can help your brand bring something valuable to the table for its audience.  You'll stand out from the crowd by aligning your brand with well-being and a mindful lifestyle. 


Reach out and we can create together a personalised experience. We have a network of wellness professionals that come from a broad background in different fields like yoga, mental health, nutrition, psychology, sustainability and mindfulness. 

A few examples of collabs:  live Youtube classes, yoga retreat gift, instagram audience campaign, event partnership & sponsorships.

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