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Why going to a yoga retreat is an amazing new way to travel

If you’re an avid traveler and you’re also into sports and movement, then going to a yoga retreat travel experience is something you will appreciate so much.

And I’m not talking about the well-known and advertised spiritual experiences from India, Bali or some other yoga retreats hotspot locations. I’m talking about something much more easy-going, like combining yoga with a travel destination that can be anywhere in the world, hanging out with a bunch of cool people (because most of the ones that join retreats are 😉) and combining daily classes of yoga with tourism activities, like visiting the local sites, going to the beach, to nice restaurants or even wineries.

I’m making a point that you don’t have to look for “enlightenment or spiritual transformation” when going to a yoga retreat. I’m saying this because I know some people have the impression that they need to 'be something' or 'doing something before they could attend a retreat. There are simpler ways to have beautiful experiences during yoga retreats, that can, of course, become a life-changing or mind/soul-changing experience - as well as one of your most treasured memories.

Photo taken during our retreat in Tenerife at Buenavista Hiking Trail.

Why is it nice to switch up at least one of your yearly holidays for a yoga retreat?

  • You get to experience traveling in a different way, which can be a bit more mindful, to say the least.

  • You meet new people, you share new experiences and new ideas that you can’t get if you keep hanging out with the same people you usually do.

  • You get to wake up with a clear mind and an active body - most retreats have morning meditations and yoga flows.

  • You’ll probably also enjoy some special sunset yoga classes, maybe with a gorgeous sea view.

  • You get to work on your personal development, through workshops or some other activities included in the retreat.

  • You can go solo - maybe you just want to travel by yourself or your friends aren’t available to join you when you want an escape, then it’s a no-brainer to join one of the yoga holidays available in your desired destination.

  • Or you can be joined by your best friend or boyfriend and this experience will bring you even closer together.

  • You don’t need to organize and can finally enjoy an experience without any planning from your side. Everything is already arranged and it feels nice to let go of control sometimes and be surprised by the experience. ( I can feel you're one of those people too 😄)

  • The good vibes you’ll get to enjoy even long after you’ve arrived back home.

Should I keep going? I think you got the point!

I believe that doing something new and different, or the same thing in a new way is key to a richness of life that will make you feel satisfied and will transform and grow you as a person. You just have to be open, and try and go a bit with the flow. You might get surprised, in a very nice way, to where this approach might lead you.

This is, for the most part, my point of view regarding organizing the retreats for Yoga & Beyond. I also believe in collaboration and that’s why I partner in retreats with other teachers or professionals in this area of movement, mindfulness, and personal growth.

Check out the vibes from our retreat in Tenerife, which we organized in January 2022 at Hotel Hacienda del Conde Member of Meliá Collection - a 5-star luxury resort, placed right by a beautiful top golf destination Buenavista Golf and spectacular coastal views of the ocean.

So, where would you like to join the next yoga retreat? Share your favourite destinations in a comment below 👇


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